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"She’s foxy, she’s blonde, and she knows it".

Foxy Blondes makes quality foils for quality hairstylists, so welcome to the Foxy Blondes Movement!

Established in 2020, Foxy Blondes dispenses professional-grade conversation starters. We get people talking, and make your salon life that much easier at the same time. The next generation of hairstyling is right here, in front of you.

From the coasts of Australia to the trendiest salons in the US, our game-changing, imagination-wielding, dazzling foil designs are favourites of colourists across the hairstyling globe. 

Their chic endgame is to ensure you can make a stylish statement and extend your aesthetic touch across every part of the hairdressing process. Who said foils had to be boring?

Originally created to boost the photo content of local hairdressers/visionaries, with prints designed to stop scrolling in its tracks. After extensive tests, trials and research, they have created products that are purposefully weighted, sized and embossed to truly let your artistry do the talking.

Foxy Blondes has been created by hairdressers with over 20 years experience, countless blonde locks have left our hands, ready to brave the world beyond. We know that good hairdressing days begin and end with a salon you can be proud of, with a whole lot of chitter chatter, sage advice and client catch-ups in between. 

Style your products like you style your clients - get creative and show us what you’re made of.