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Silk & Co is a family owned and operated company on the Gold Coast of Australia who’s aim is to provide the best quality silk products available. The company was started by two close friends who were involved in the high-end beauty and hair industry, who have always slept on silk pillowcases and reaped the benefits.

When discovering the benefits were beyond just the modern female and had features that then helped men and children, Silk & Co was created so that everyone could experience the Luxury of 100% Mulberry Silk products.

Discovering the vast benefits of silk for men was when one of Silk & Co’s founders had purchased a silk pillowcase for her husband who’s hair was thinning and would find himself waking up with hair all over his cotton pillowcase. But once he started sleeping on a Silk & Co 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, found a dramatic improvement when they discovered since the hair would glide over the silk, it was no longer suffering the friction of cotton which was causing major hair breakage.

When also realising the full benefits of silk, one of Silk & Co’s founders had her young daughter start sleeping daily on a Silk & Co 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to help stop her hair getting all matted overnight. She found immediately that brushing her hair in the morning became a lot less painful and time consuming.

Make every night’s sleep a luxury experience…