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Benefits of using a pet grooming brush

There are many benefits about brushing your furry friends by hand, rather than taking them to the groomers all the time. The experts at Tangle Angel have compiled a list of reasons for taking the time to brush your pet.

Daily routine

Many animals thrive off routine as it makes them feel safe, secure and loved.
Building in time for brushing every day can help them feel reassured and for you both to further your bond.

Catching problems early

Whilst brushing you are able to inspect your pet’s skin and check for tics, fleas or any other lumps and bumps out of the ordinary. This can enable you to catch and treat these problems early, hopefully minimising the pain for your pet and an unexpected vet bill!

Promotes healthy blood circulation

The relaxing effect of using a pet message brush helps to stimulate your pet’s blood flow which promotes healthier fur. As well as this, it helps distribute the natural oils in your pet’s hair the same way as brushing your own, meaning your pet’s fur will look sleek and shiny.

Minimising hairballs

Many types of animals are good at cleaning themselves but regular self-grooming can involve a build up of hairballs in your pet’s throat and digestive system. Regular brushing means that you’re minimising the amount of loose fur on your pet’s body, reducing uncomfortable hairballs!