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Revitafoam is Australia’s number one selling leave-in conditioning and disentangling mousse.

The unique hair-cure base of Revitafoam gives instant visual results – total penetration without being greasy.

Revitafoam’s secret formula attracts moisture from the air back into your hair to keep hair soft and pliable, the way it should be!

It immediately tames the hair by minimising frizziness, dryness, enhances hair elasticity, adds moisture and improves condition.

It is suitable for daily use on all hair kinds to nourish, condition, detangle, protect and boost colour brilliance.

Extend the life of your coloured hair with Revitafoam. It puts back the natural lustre and shine lost from your natural hair from colouring and will continue to moisturise and protect hair.

Revitafoam enhances that natural swing of straight hair and gives stunning light reflection to your beautiful locks.