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Lightening techniques, external aggressors such as the sun, or harsh cleansers can bring out unwanted warm tones in blonde and brunette hair. That's why milk_shake® have create these three fantastic ranges:  

The Icy Blond Range contains a special black pigment which is ideal for very light blonde or platinum blonde hair. It neutralises and counteracts unwanted yellow/orange or brassy tones. Gives delicate ash tones to very light blonde hair or platinum blonde hair and prolongs the effects of grey or silver toners.


The Silver Shine Range offers the ultimate toning, conditioning and shine experience for those who love cool blonde hair.

Formulated with a specific pigment that neutralises unwanted yellow, golden or brassy tones that are common in white, grey, blonde or lightened hair.  milk_shake silver shine range leaves hair conditioned, soft and full of vitality. Contains milk proteins, organic fruit extracts and Integrity 41 to condition while maintaining the hair’s moisture balance and protecting hair colour.


For the brunette who loves to keep their colour cool, then you are in for a treat with the Cold Brunette Range! We have launched a special range dedicated to brunettes which tones and neutralises unwanted warmth to keep your hair deep and glossy in between colour sessions! Your new favourite blue shampoo and conditioner has arrived.


The Sweet Camomile Range has been specifically formulated to turn up the brilliance of blonde hair.

The sweetness of camomile and honey enhance the colour of blonde hair, leaving the hair incredibly soft to the touch. Camomile’s traditional properties revive the natural highlights of fair hair, leaving it shiny and luminous. Organic honey is prized for its nourishing properties, which render hair incredibly soft, silky and full of brilliant highlights. A beauty treatment that’s perfect for the summer, or to use throughout the year to revive and enhance golden and blonde highlights maintaining the hair’s moisture balance and protecting hair colour.