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Today, GlamPalm, the exclusive owner of the Healing Stone mines, infuses this into its world-class styling tools for an exceptional therapeutic benefit.

The rare and patented Healing Stone Technology™ promotes overall health and eliminates damage often associated with heat styling. The Healing Stone™ is found within the South Korean mountains and infused into each styling tool. The Healing Stone™, used in Eastern medicine for almost 1000 years, is extremely smooth and prevents snags, pulls and breakage. One use imparts visible gloss and touchable health.

Not only do our products prevent damage, but they also provide benefits for overall hair health.  Many products on the market use what is called “Nano Silver Technology”.  
Research shows that these nanoparticles are potentially toxic.  They may damage hair and even negatively affect skin on the neck and face that the iron is used around.  
All GlamPalm products are non-toxic, as we are committed to both the beauty and health of our customers.

Finally, we at GlamPalm pride ourselves in our dedication to the overall health of the planet.  Product parts are carefully chosen with consumer health in mind and our Healing Stone™ is sourced using green, sustainable methods.