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Embrace the decadence

Consumers indulge in Pureology for a sensorial experience—one that whisks them away to a​ relaxing retreat with every single use. Reviews reinforce a deep love for the intensely foamy, luxurious lather. Sentiments swirl around hair transformations consumers can see and feel immediately. ​Discussions describe how they’re transcended to a space of serenity thanks to the intoxicating aromas. ​In essence, when you use Pureology, it’s like entering your own tranquil oasis.​

Sulfate-free is in our DNA

Created in 2001 and built on a commitment to sustainability, Pureology was the first brand to introduce ​products made with vegan ingredients and zero sulfates. Our goal was to create the best professional products ​for color-treated hair without sacrificing purity for performance. ​We’re the pioneers of the purest, most gentle formulas that not only look, feel and smell good, ​but also deliver real results.​